Guitar Painting – Pricing

Guitar Painting – Pricing

All guitar painting prices  includes high gloss clear.
Matte finish also available.

Refinishing a guitar properly requires lots of labor and expensive materials. From clear coats, various grits of sandpaper, compounds, primers, basecoats and all the specialized equipment.
Our pricing model allows us to deliver the best materials, and adequate time to provide
a high quality end result.

 Guitar Body Pricing

Disassemble / Reassemble


Grain Fill / Seal


Vinyl Skin Application


Most Pre-Designed Vinyl Skins


Solid Opaque Colors


Transparents / Tints / Stains / Dyes


Metallic Colors


Candy Colors


Neon Colors


Pearl Colors


LNG, SK & DY Replicas


Flake / Sparkle




Holoflash (Face only)




Neckthrough / Set Neck Start at:


Custom Airbrushing

Contact us with your ideas!

Guitar Headstock Pricing

ALL Headstocks


Standard Logo


Custom Logo

Contact Us!

We also custom paint guitar neck headstocks and have the ability to replicate existing logos or create a custom logo for that unique look. Our guitar painting process uses only the finest products available.

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