Custom Painted Guitars – FAQs

Custom Painted Guitars – FAQ’s

Does Liquid Fx Paint warranty your custom painted guitars?
Our warranty covers your custom painted guitar  for one year. It covers product defects as well as prep errors for the duration of one year.

How long does a custom guitar paint job take?
Typical turn around time at Liquid Fx Paint is 2 – 6 weeks depending on scope of the job and and current workload.

How much of a deposit is required and is everything in writing?
We require a 50% deposit on your custom guitar paint job. All work is in writing. Remaining 50% due prior to return shipping.

Can I wax or clean my custom guitar finish?
Never wax fresh paint. Give it at least 3 months for all the solvents to gas out. If you don’t your paint job will be ruined.  Use a soft microfiber rag with any “new paint” misting spray.

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